Vegan Shoes and More

There are some vegan shoes that just flat-out rock, from boots to sandals. While animal lovers love shoe brands that have open arms when they first begin offering vegan styles, consider it just as fair to place the more vegan shoe brands on an equal pedestal, do you? After all, they are also walking the speak and speaking the walk proving that animals don’t have to suffer and shouldn’t suffer for any human’s decision to wear feet. Let’s not forget all the beautiful vegan jewellery and other items available to help vegans look and feel great too.

Nomadic State is a vegan shoe brand started in 2021 by Karen Lewis, who decided that she wanted to be a vegan to help protect animals. Initially, she made her shoes in Oregon but moved them to Los Angeles to open a vegan boutique. Her vegan shoes have been selling since 2021 and are now sold all over the world. Although most of her designs are based on natural rubber, her latest designs use organic and biodegradable materials such as hemp, rice and rubber. In addition, although most of her designs are vegan friendly, some have been made using traditional materials from China and Brazil.

The Black Wolf brand is made in the United States by Shanaamar Ghanem, and she describes her brand as a vegan footwear brand that offers comfort, style, and elegance. This brand is not only made of vegan shoes but also leather, wool and denim. In addition to being made in the US, this brand is made worldwide in countries including Canada, India, China, Italy and Spain.

People Footwear is run by Victoria Czaia, who started the brand to promote the compassionate message of veganism. Her business started when she realized that not enough people were buying comfortable vegan shoes and felt that the way people wore shoes was important. So she began travelling around the country, giving away free pairs of her vegan shoes to people who needed a good pair of shoes. Although she gives out free pairs of shoes to people, she also makes an income by selling them online. She plans to expand the brand to other areas, such as the beach and children’s shoes, in the future.

The Ethical Sportswear brand of shoes by Roni Kantor is made from 100% organic materials. Roni Kantor handbags make use of recycled materials in their production. They also do not use any gelatin, eggs or honey in their products. Their vegan shoes use only ethically sourced materials such as Nylon and rubber.

There are other vegan brands such as PETA, which uses faux leather in most of their products and is also vegan friendly. PETA markets vegan shoes that are cruelty-free, and they have several animal rights theme products for children. PETA is very strict with its policies and goes as far as banning animal testing by buying clothing and toys with known animal rights symbols.