What Things You Should Not Put in Skip Bins

If you’re wondering what things you should not put in skip bins Adelaide, here’s a quick list of things you shouldn’t put in your skip. Things like paper bags because it holds bacteria and can attract vermin. Glass containers trap toxic gases from washing machines and dryers and are also bad for the environment. Another one is plastic bags as it traps rubbish and isn’t biodegradable. Tin cans as well because they contain lead and zinc, which are bad for children’s health. Plasticine boxes because it stores toxic chemicals and newspaper that can Leach cyanide into the water. Okay, so maybe you don’t think any of this applies to your situation, but it’s important to look at your waste products before throwing them away. In the first place, you should always recycle whatever you can. If you’re not sure what sort of recycling your product deserves, contact your local council or make a simple call to your town hall. They’ll advise you on what sort of bin is best for what waste you have.

Skip Bins AdelaideBut don’t assume that you exactly know what things you should not put in skip bins. You might be surprised to learn that some things you should not put in skip bins Adelaide are even more hazardous than others. For example, glass jars are banned because they can break and cause serious injury. So if you’re throwing any glass jars or bottles with contents in them, use other containers instead, especially if they have lids. Likewise, if you’re throwing tin cans, don’t put them in your skip — cans are banned too, although it’s possible to sell them. If you’re unsure whether a product is recyclable, ask a council worker or look it up online.

Another thing you should not do is throw any food (including fish and meat) in your skip. It’s illegal to do so, and it also puts a health risk to you and anyone else who comes into contact with it. It also means that the waste you generate will sit there for years without being collected. It means that it will attract pests, making it difficult for other animals to live in the area. It can also attract rats, squirrels and other rodents, which can cause serious problems for the people living nearby.

There are plenty of skip bins Adelaide available that are specially designed to accept certain types of waste. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours to fit in with your surroundings. Many companies also offer biodegradable or recyclable refuse bins. Whatever you’re disposing of, you should take the time to find out what you can put in the skip to make sure that it’s legally disposed of.

Things you should not put in skip bins include asbestos, lead paint and batteries. If you’re unsure whether a certain item is safe to store in the bin, don’t be afraid to ask your local council officers. They will be able to help you with the right advice, no matter how small the skip is. Some companies will offer a certificate that proves the bin is safe to store certain items. However, it will be illegal to remove such a certificate, so make sure you keep one with you.

These are only a few things that you should not put in skip bins. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits you. Just take the time to do your research before you decide to store any materials in the skip. You’ll avoid any potential problems and find convenience at a low price.