Freeze Branding

Freeze branding is the most effective and efficient method of permanently identifying your horse. It is almost painless in comparison to iron or ‘hot’ branding, which is often not a permanent marking. We sedate the horses to perform this so that we don’t get any discomfort or movement, and without having to resort to twitching or forceful restraint.
Custom brands can be arranged. Brands don’t have to be registered in Victoria unless you are branding a thoroughbred racehorse. This allows the majority of horse owners to use their own initials or stud logo without additional cost. We have several registered brands available for racehorses. The brands used are a small brass branding iron so as the horse grows, the numbers appear proportionate. Branding is ideally performed at weaning.

In Victoria, the stud brand goes on the left shoulder and the numbers go on the right shoulder. The top number denotes the foal drop number and the lower number is the ‘year’ number.

Freeze branding your horse is economical, and your horse will be able to resume work the following day.

In thoroughbreds, branding must be performed prior to microchipping, as the white hairs must be visible prior to identification.

Freeze branding has been the only acceptable method of branding Thoroughbreds since 1987. Hopefully many of the other breed societies will follow suit. Hot branding of horses is a barbaric practice.

It is still the most effective method in identifying your horse if it is lost or stolen.