Espadrilles – Good Choice for Summer Footwear

Espadrilles are open, leather, flat shoes made from animal hide. They’re originally from Spain but now come in other countries, including the United States. As with most other shoes, Espadrilles come in two basic styles: low cut and high cut. And like most other shoes, the types that work best with Espadrilles tend to fall into one of three categories.

EspadrillesOpen-backed espadrilles are a good choice for summer footwear, especially if you can find one in a very light, simple colour. Espadrilles, considered to be classic espadrilles by many shoe enthusiasts, have elastic laces. The uppers of Espadrilles are usually made from leather or canvas; the upper is usually canvas, which adds an extra measure of comfort. Typically, open-backed espadrilles are made insoles made from soft leather. The flexible sole is the defining feature of espadrilles; the uppers range widely from modern and intricate to simple and casual.

SpendLess NZ high cut espadrilles are considered to be an excellent alternative to espadrilles for the warmer weather. Because they have uppers made from warmer materials (canvas or cotton), high cut shoes are less rigid than espadrilles. It makes them a good choice for everyday wear and for working outside in the weather. High cut shoes also tend to be sturdier than open-back espadrilles.

Jute fibre is an absorbent fibre that gives boots strength and durability. Because of this quality, jute fibre is used as the main material in many work boots, such as excavators, wheelbarrows, and tractors. Jute fibre is an extremely durable fabric that can withstand heavy loads, making it the perfect material for outdoor work shoes such as espadrilles.

Though Espadrilles’ appearance is similar to that of a typical work shoe, the difference between Espadrilles and other Espadrilles is in the upper’s construction. Open-backed shoes have only a single panel of hardwood shank, and the insides are made from a stiff fabric. The uppers of Espadrilles are typically made from heavier leather or canvas; the lower part of the shoe is made from thick jute fibre.

The uppers of Espadrilles and other Espadrilles styles are available in both leather and jute sole styles. Jute soles are lightweight, water-resistant, and comfortable. They provide excellent traction and excellent shock absorption, making them the perfect shoe for all kinds of jobs.

Most Espadrilles on the market today have plastic sole pads attached to the bottom of the shoe. While inexpensive, these rubber soles do not provide the support they need when climbing hills and even light trails. The rubber used in most Espadrilles is a natural rubber obtained from rubber trees. The natural rubber provides superior traction on smooth surfaces and is great for working in the garden and doing lawns.

The uppers and soles of most Espadrilles available today are available in a choice of two different closure styles: lace and full-grain leather. All Espadrilles with a leather sole are covered in synthetic webbed tongues and thread for a snug fit and added durability. The synthetic fibre uppers provide lightweight, breathable comfort.