We provide the usual visiting service for the convenience of horse owners. This is also useful where there are a number of patients to be seen on the one property, where there is no transport available or the owner deems it difficult to move the horse. The horse can be seen in its own environment, which may help in the diagnosis or suggestions in the management of the patient. Traveling in a four wheel-drive allows access to patients that cannot be removed from their paddocks due to injury etc. Power supply in the vehicle allows for the use clippers, ultrasound & endoscopes etc.

Sometimes known as haul-in. This is where the owner floats the horse to the clinic for examination or procedures. The horses are examined in a safe undercover environment. This is a preferred option where some services are undertaken. E.g. Rectal examinations in the stocks behind a kick door to reduce risk to clinician, horse & handler. When radiographs are taken. When major dental work is required. Specialized facilities and nursing help is at hand to make for a better outcome with less difficulty and time, therefore with potentially less cost. 
Obviously there is less time lost due to traveling so these visits are offered at a discount to paddock consultations.

Post-surgical care of horses that need to be restricted and medicated are stabled at the hospital. Where medical treatment is difficult for the owner to manage in the horses’ normal environment. Where constant or intermittent attention is required. Respite care. Eg. When the owners of medically managed patients go on holidays and need the horses medicated & monitored. Mares foaling down are electronically monitored with alarms and video cameras. Mares undergoing artificial breeding may be housed to reduce visit costs & allow better timing of conception.