Buying Battery Chargers for Power Tools

A typical wall adapter that connects to the battery is often called a battery charger. There are different types, with one type being better than another. They all serve the same purpose: increasing the available voltage in your battery so that it can be used to power the tool it was designed to power. Not all chargers are created equally. The following discussion discusses different types of battery chargers and how they work.

aeg-battery-charger-w-discountThe most common type of charger that you will see is a nine-volt battery charger, sometimes called a battery charger wire or a cordless adaptor. This type is fairly simple to use. It has a standard electrical outlet on the side which can be plugged into a wall outlet. The positive and negative connections on the positive and negative sides of the charger match up, resulting in a permanent voltage on the battery. This type results in less voltage drop across the batteries than do many of the smaller battery chargers.

Another type of battery charger for power tools is the six-volt li-ion battery charger. This is the same as the AEG style. The positive and negative terminals are still attached to the battery in the same way. However, the negative post of the AEG is ground, which allows a much larger amount of voltage to be driven to the battery, making this type of battery charger a good choice for high-power applications.

The biggest advantage of the aeg battery charger w/ discount is that it can charge both AA-size and double A-size batteries. This makes it very convenient to use in applications with two or more batteries to be charged. This type of battery charger is also a popular choice for those working construction jobs because it can supply the needed voltage for the position. They are not limited in the number of batteries they can charge, but they may take longer to trickle charge them when using the li-ion type.

The newest type of battery charger for power tools is the Nicad. The NiMH-type battery charger combines the power of the NiCad and the NiMH battery. This type of battery charger is similar to the aeg battery charger w/ discount that it has positive and negative terminals are ground. NiMH batteries also have the advantage of being smaller than the AEGs and can be purchased at different voltage levels. However, they are limited in the number of amps that can be driven to a single battery. This type of battery charger can be used in applications where the power is limited and provides good power for short bursts only.

Many of the new types of battery chargers for power tools use a single NiCad or NiMH battery in their batteries. A few of the newer charger series use a double NiCad and a single Nicad. These chargers are sometimes called “double battery packs.” The double NiCad and single Nicad batteries are made by several different manufactures and provide more power than the single type. Some of these products are capable of supplying more amps than the single type batteries and are suited for jobs that require continuous or constant power; however, these products can be expensive and most users will find that they cannot supply the amount of continuous power required.